Installing PDF2XL is like installing most other software - you simply run the installer and follow the prompts.


  1. Double-click the PDF2XL install file (or run it from your browser taskbar).

  2. Click "Next" and place a checkmark in the field labelled "I accept the terms in the License Agreement". Click "Next" again.

  3. By default, the installer will place a desktop icon and the uninstall shortcut. If you prefer not to have these, you can remove the checkmarks from those options. 

  4. Click "Next".

  5. Click "Install".

  6. Wait for the Windows permission request alert to pop up on your screen. You will need to agree to the install to continue.

  7. Once the install wizard has finished installing all the files, the final prompt will appear. You can launch PDF2XL7 immediately (default), or you can remove the checkmark to launch it at another time. 

  8. Click "Finish".

  9. If you've launched the program, you will now need to activate it.

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