How do I update/upgrade my PDF2XL?

This is a question we receive often and the first important step is understanding the difference between an Update and an Upgrade.

Update: An Update will bring your software up to the current version.

For example, if you have PDF2XL Basic version 6.0 and you want to get PDF2XL Basic version 6.5, you would require an Update.

Upgrade: An Upgrade will increase your software to a higher level edition.

For example, if you have PDF2XL Basic (any version) and you want to get PDF2XL OCR, you would require an Upgrade.

Upgrades always include the most current version of that edition, so even if you had Basic 5.0 and you upgraded to OCR, you would receive the most current version available.

Updating PDF2XL

To purchase a single update, you can visit our website and go to the Store tab > Upgrade PDF2XL.

On the left side of the page, you will need to select the software you currently own so you can be sure that you purchase the correct update.

Add the Update to your shopping cart and complete your purchase. Once that's done, you'll receive an email with instructions for applying your Update.

Upgrading PDF2XL

Just like the Update option, you can purchase your Upgrade through our webstore by accessing the same page.

Again, select the software you currently have from the left-side menu but, this time, select which edition you want to Upgrade to from the options provided.

As above, you will receive your instructions via email once you've completed the purchase.

If you run into trouble with your Update or Upgrade, you can always send an email to [email protected] for help!

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