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Correcting User Interface Resolution

Fix small toolbars and icons

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The following content is only applicable to version and higher.

If you have an earlier version, please be sure to download the latest update.

Some computer displays may not resolve to the same resolution as the PDF2XL user interface.

When this occurs, you can end up with toolbars or icons that can appear smaller than they are meant to.

To correct this, it will be necessary to adjust your machine's display settings:

  1. Go to Settings > System > Display (or right-click your desktop and select "Display Settings").

  2. Find the Scale & Layout section and choose a higher Scale value in the dropdown list.

If parts of the text are not visible in the toolbar, then you can try reducing the size of the Text in the system.

*Note: Use at your own risk. This could break the usability of some applications and is an issue that Microsoft warns about. This is not a PDF2XL issue and cannot be resolved in our application.
โ€‹Windows 10: Enter "Text Size" in the search field on the toolbar and click on the result "Make Text Size bigger". In the window that opens, change the size of the system text with the slider.

Windows 11: Go to "Display settings", click on the "Scale" field, then select the "Text Size" field. Use the slider to adjust your text size.

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