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Error 1612: 'Installation source for this product is not available'
Error 1612: 'Installation source for this product is not available'
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While uncommon, you might encounter MSI Error 1612 during installation or uninstallation of PDF2XL. This is a Windows error that indicates the program's registry keys have somehow become corrupted.

During Installation

The best thing to do in this case is to download a fresh install file from our server and install that.
If you don't have your download link, you can request it from our support team at [email protected].
Be prepared to provide your Payment Code or the email address registered to the software.

During Uninstallation

You will run into roadblocks while trying to uninstall using the Windows control panel method or using the PDF2XL uninstaller.
In this case, we recommend uninstalling using the Revo Uninstaller.
โ€‹You can find instructions here.

If the above methods fail to correct the issue, please contact us at [email protected] - we may need to do a screenshare session to determine the problem.

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