Failed to load Excel Application

Error found in versions 6.5 and earlier

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The error "Failed to load Excel Application" only occurs in versions 6.5 and earlier.
It happens for one of the following reasons:

  1. You do not have Excel installed on the computer.

  2. You are using a "Home and Student" or "Evaluation" version of Excel installed.

  3. You have Excel open while trying to convert.

  4. You are using an outdated version of PDF2XL that is no longer compatible with your version of Excel. (In this case, only an upgrade to a current product will help)

Whatever the reason, the first thing you should attempt to do is convert to .CSV.
A successful .CSV conversion indicates that the problem is with Excel - not with PDF2XL or the file, itself.

If you are able to convert to .CSV, we regrettably cannot assist, as this is an Excel issue.
Note that our new product line does not have the Excel dependency and, therefore, is not subject to these errors.

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