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Batch Conversion "Server is Busy" error in v6.5
Batch Conversion "Server is Busy" error in v6.5
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This version of PDF2XL is no longer supported

Earlier versions of PDF2XL are dependent upon Excel for an Excel file conversion. When running batch conversion, particularly with a high volume of documents, you may encounter the conversion process freezing up and returning a "Server is Busy" error.

Regrettably, as this is an Excel issue, it's not something within our ability to correct.

There are two options to solve this problem:

  1. Convert fewer documents at a time.

  2. Purchase a subscription plan. With our new product line, we switched to LibXL so that these kinds of Excel issues would no longer occur. (Note that these plans are a new product line, and there is no upgrade from v6.5 or lower to this one)

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