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If you don't know which version you need, your download link isn't listed here, or to report a broken link, please contact [email protected] for help.

Current version downloads:

Legacy version downloads:

Current Version Downloads

PDF2XL - SUBSCRIPTION PLANS (Home, Business, Enterprise) & PDF2XL PRO (2019 and later)

**This is the current version. If you are actively subscribed to a plan, please use this link to download your software.

All subscription plans require only a single download link. If you are subscribed to a plan, you can download the most current version from the link above.

Once you log in using your email and password, your application will automatically apply the plan that you've purchased.

PDF2Word - SUBSCRIPTION PLAN (2021 and later)

For Legacy PDF2Word download link, please see the bottom of the page

Split PDF and Merge PDF - SUBSCRIPTION PLANS (2021 and later)

For Legacy Split PDF and Merge PDF links, please see the bottom of the page

Legacy Version Downloads

(versions 6.5 and lower - unsupported)

PDF2XL Basic


PDF2XL Enterprise


PDF2Word (Legacy)

This is a trial version that can be activated

Merge PDF & Split PDF (Legacy)

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