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PDF2XL Activation Errors (version 7.0 and higher)
PDF2XL Activation Errors (version 7.0 and higher)
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*This list will be updated as errors become applicable. If you have an error not included here, or if you have tried the fixes provided and your problem persists, please email [email protected] to report it.

License error: 0

Indicates "No error".

This occurs mostly in earlier versions of PDF2XL 7 during a trial activation. Please ensure you have the most recent version installed. If you are unsure which version you need, please contact [email protected]. 

License error: -1

Indicates that the trial has expired.
The reason for this occurrence is difficult to determine, but it could be caused by server reset or changes in the user machine.

This can be corrected by going to your C:\Users\[NAME]\AppData\Roaming\CogniView folder and removing the files within that start with the number "8".

License error: -4303 (SOAP Host can't be resolved)

Indicates "No internet or blocked by firewall"

Internet access is required; ensure firewall allows access to: 

If you are unable to connect to the internet, or if you cannot modify your firewall permissions, please email [email protected] and request an offline installer.

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