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Activating PDF2XL (version 8.6 and later)
Activating PDF2XL (version 8.6 and later)

Online Activation for v8.6 and later

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The following instructions are for activating PDF2XL Version 8.6 and higher.

The process is the same for any version of PDF2XL from v8.0, but if you are using a Legacy version (6.5 and earlier), then you will need to follow the instructions found here:

Once you've finished installing PDF2XL, all you need to do is enter your credentials and click "Sign In". You should have received these credentials in an email when you registered. 

If you are unable to locate that email in your inbox or spam folder, you can simply use the "Forgot Password" link to create a new password. Your email address will already be in our system.

*Note that if you downloaded PDF2XL but have not registered an account yet, you can click on the link: "Click here to sign up for free!"

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