Excel Errors

Failed to load Excel application, Microsoft Excel must be installed on this computer

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Sometimes you may receive an Excel-related error when trying to convert.

For example:

Failed to load Excel application


Microsoft Excel must be installed on this computer for this option to be available

These errors can occur for the following reasons:

  • Another instance of Excel is currently running - make sure all Excel windows are closed and try the conversion again.

  • You are using a limited Office edition; for example, a trial version or a "student and home" edition.

  • Your Excel installation is missing a particular element required for PDF2XL compatibility.

You can either try converting using .CSV format or OpenOffice, or you can attempt to reinstall your Microsoft Office software. Unfortunately, this is usually an Excel error and not something that can be corrected in PDF2XL.

Note that if you are using an older version of PDF2XL, it could be that your system is beginning to display signs of incompatibility and an update for PDF2XL is required.

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