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The Preview isn't the Same as the Converted File
The Preview isn't the Same as the Converted File
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The preview window shows the raw data captured, and the order and position the data will get transposed.

Formatting though, is a process that happens during the conversion itself and not in the single page preview. Depending on the output format, different users need different formats to accommodate whatever post-conversion task they have - like importing a CSV into a database, converting into an existing spreadsheet, and so on.
For that reason we support different formats that you can set via Settings, and we can't show it in the preview because to process the format masking rules we would actually need to run the conversion which is very process heavy and would render the software very slow as you scroll through pages.
Some of our customers process documents with 30,000 pages and it would inhibit the performance if we allow 'on the fly' conversion to accommodate true/final preview as opposed to the raw data and its location.

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