Backing up the Layout Repository
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PF2XL version 6.0 provided a new feature - an automatic layout backup system that saves your layouts to your Documents folder by default. When you have to reinstall your PDF2XL, the new installation seeks out this library and makes the layouts available in the software repository.

However, if you are using an older version (under 6.0) then your layouts are not automaticlly stored and you will want to back them up manually on a regular basis to ensure you don't lose them if ever you need to reinstall.

Please follow these steps to ensure you don't lose your saved layouts.

  • Go to: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\CogniView\PDF2XL [edition]\Library

  • Make a copy of the PDFTableLayout.Repository

  • Save it somewhere on your PC, such as in your Documents or on your desktop

  • After you’ve updated/reinstalled, you can place a copy of this file back into the AppData folder you copied it from above

*If you need to change computers, remember that your layouts are saved in your "Documents" folder locally, so you may want to move them to a cloud drive like Dropbox or Google Drive to allow access to them on the new computer.

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