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There are several .dll files within the PDF2XL application system. These are Dynamic Link Library files. These are small programs which contain valuable information that PDF2XL can call upon to run specific processes.

You've received the error:

The program can't start because [filename].dll is missing from your computer. (this is the same whether it's an XpdfViewer.dll or a idskrn15.dll, or any other .dll file)

So what do you do now?

In a nutshell, you need to replace the .dll file that's missing. The easiest way to do this is with a clean reinstall.

You'll want to completely uninstall PDF2XL and all the files that go with it. While you could do this through the Control Panel, the current corrupt state of the application may cause that uninstallation process to be unsuccessful. In this case, we recommend that you use the Revo Uninstaller for a full and complete cleanup of the software.

Once that's done, you can then reinstall PDF2XL using the download link for your software. If you don't have your license information, please contact [email protected] for help.

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