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Conversion Process: 'cmd' vs '.bat'
Conversion Process: 'cmd' vs '.bat'
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There are two ways you can run a command line conversion process:

Both work equally as well, so it just depends on your preferred method.

Using run > cmd

To run a conversion using the command prompt, go to "run" and type in "cmd" to open the command prompt.

Enter your script and hit your Enter key.

Most of the examples we provide in these articles are based on the .bat file method. Keep in mind that while using loops, only one '%' is required for a cmd prompt conversion. (%g)

Using a .bat file

To run a conversion using a .bat file, first create your script in a text file. After you've finished, save it to your computer as a .bat file. When you double-click on that .bat file, the conversion process will begin.

If you are using loops to convert multiple documents, you will require an additional '%' ( %%g)

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