When you purchase a subscription, you are automatically enrolled in an account on our PDF2XL.com website. However, if you have one of our older Legacy Licenses, you might need to register your account manually.

1. To register, go to https://pdf2xl.com/app/#/auth/register

You can also click the "Register Now" link on the Login prompt.

2. Fill in the information in the prompt.
You will be sent an email to verify your account, so be sure to check your email address for accuracy.

Note that passwords must contain symbols, digits, uppercase characters and need to be a minimum of 8 characters in length.

3. Once you've clicked the "REGISTER" button, you should see a confirmation page.

4. Go to your email to see your confirmation email. Click on the verification link (or copy and paste into your browser) to continue.

5. You've confirmed your account and now you can log in!

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