Before you commit to purchasing a PDF2XL license, we strongly recommend that you download the evaluation version to make sure it works for you.
You can download the most current version of PDF2XL here:

Note that a trial version comes with limitations. Its intended purpose is to determine that the software is capable of converting documents based on your needs.
Trial version limitations include:

  • Convert a maximum of 3 pages at a time

  • No OCR

  • No command line capability

When you're ready to purchase, you can use the purchase option directly from the application.

1) Select the plan you wish to purchase. The checkout selection page has a chart underneath this section to help you decide.
     a) *You can select a Yearly or Monthly plan.
     b) Click the "Confirm selected edition" button.

2) In the Order Summary, you can choose how many licenses you wish to purchase by entering that number in the **Qty field.
     a) You can choose to purchase an optional Backup CD. These are mostly useful for those who need to install on a machine not connected to the internet.
     b) If you have a Discount Code, it can be applied on this page.
     c) Enter your Billing Info - it should match the information on your credit card.
     d) The Login Info section allows you to create an account to log in to your software with. A password will be provided after completing the purchase if you did not create one during the trial sign up process.
     e) Once you've entered all the necessary information, you can click the "Process my Order" button.

3) Once you complete your purchase, you will receive a confirmation screen.
     a) If you already have the trial version installed, you don't need to download it again - simply log out and then log in with your licence details. 

*If you cancel your subscription at any time, your license(s) will continue to work until the end of the term, but you will not be charged for renewal. 

**You can add more licenses to your account as needed. The cost for the newly added licenses will be prorated and charged at the time of purchase. If you remove licenses, they will continue to work until the term for that license has ended. 

We do not provide refunds on subscriptions.

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