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Convert an image from a PDF into Excel
Convert an image from a PDF into Excel
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From time to time, you may end up with a PDF file containing pictures that you want to export into Excel as part of the data.
For example:

First of all, converting images like this can only be done using a PDF2XL Enterprise or Business license.
If you are using Basic, OCR, or Home edition, you will need to upgrade. Contact our sales team at [email protected] for pricing and assistance.

Converting the data as an image is simple. You only need to select the column that contains the images, right-click and go to Column Format in Output > Image

If you've selected the picture as a Field instead of having it within a table column, you can change the field format to Image, as well. Right-click on the field, then go to Field Format > Image 

Note that when you convert to Excel, you will need to adjust your row heights in your output to accommodate the sizes of the images - we currently have no control over how Excel handles image sizes. You can do this by selecting all the rows containing images and dragging the row divider of one row to resize them all at once.

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