Converting Invoices
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Invoices are usually submitted in a PDF format, so uploading them into your preferred bookkeeping software can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, you don't need to manually enter all the data into a spreadsheet.
A few simple clicks can turn this:

Into this:

This short video shows the process:


  1. Verify first of all if your PDF is scanned or contains embedded text. If it does, you will need an OCR-compatible edition like PDF2XL Enterprise. Before you begin mapping the layout, be sure to turn on the OCR Mode.

  2. Locate the table on the page. You will want to draw a box around it to create the layout. It should be orange, which signifies that this is a table. If it is blue, right-click and select 'Change to Table'.

  3. If your columns and rows are not where they should be, they can be moved, merged, or split. See: 'How to Modify a Table's Columns' and 'How to Modify a Table's Rows'.

  4. If there is other information that you feel is important, you can draw boxes around each part individually. These blue 'fields' will place the selected data in their own cells.

  5. You can right-click on each blue field and select 'Set Field Heading' if you want to label these cells.

  6. Once all your data is mapped, go to the Convert tab and select your Conversion format. Most Invoices are converted into and Excel file or into a .CSV file.

  7. Click the 'Convert Document' button and let PDF2XL turn your PDF into a fully editable and organized spreadsheet.

Want to try it out?

  • Download the sample Invoice here.

  • Download the *layout here.ย 

*Note: Since it's not possible to upload the layout in it's original format, the extension has been changed to .txt. After you download the file, rename it from 'Invoice-Sample.txt' to 'Invoice-Sample.layoutx'.
(go here to learn how to import a layout).

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