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Using the Automated Online Converter
Using the Automated Online Converter

About the online converter and problems converting

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The PDF2XL website has a free online converter that is available on our homepage, as well as specific pages for each type of conversion:

The online converter is an automated process. It will attempt to convert all the data in the file using a "best guess" method to map a layout.

If you need a more structured output, we recommend you try the desktop version, which offers greater layout flexibility. A free trial is available on our website.

Conversion Errors

Not all files can be converted using the automated converter. If you've received an error notification while trying to convert your file, please check the list below for possible solutions.

If you believe your problem is not any of the following, please send your PDF to support so we can analyze it.


Possible Solution

File exceeds 5MB

Try splitting the document into smaller files.

You have converted 5 files within a 24-hour period

You will need to wait 24 hours from the time you converted your first document.


Try downloading the free trial desktop version.

Your PDF contains images

Try downloading the free trial desktop version.

Your PDF is not structured in a simple table format with consistent rows and columns

Try the PDF to Word conversion, instead.

Your PDF contains handwritten text

Even a small amount of handwritten text can cause issues for the converter.

If it is just a bit of handwriting, you may be able to avoid it using a custom layout in the desktop version.

If the entire document contains handwritten text, it cannot be converted, even with the desktop version.

Your PDF file is damaged

This could have occurred during the upload process, in which case, we recommend you try again.
Or, it could be that the file, itself, is corrupted. If you like, you can send the PDF you are trying to convert to support and we can analyze it for you.

Your PDF file is rotated

Try downloading the free trial desktop version.

The quality of your scanned PDF is low with background noise and/or speckled/bleeding text

The document might be converted with the desktop version, but it would require validation before completing the conversion for an accurate output.


Try loading a PDF file with better scan quality.

Your PDF file contains embedded text

Try downloading the free trial desktop version.


Documents uploaded to our automated online converter are stored on our server for a short time before being randomly purged.
There is a small group of people (the support team) who can access those files while they still exist on our server in the event that a client requests assistance with their file conversion.
Note that filenames are encrypted, so the only way we can locate a file is if we are provided with the email address of the user who uploaded it.
If you have uploaded a file you wish to be immediately removed from our system, let us know and we can do that for you.
If privacy is a concern, we don't recommend uploading a document to any website. The desktop version of PDF2XL is locally installed and requires no access to our server for use.

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