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Converting a Scanned PDF with PDF2Word 2.1
Converting a Scanned PDF with PDF2Word 2.1

Step-by-step for converting a scanned PDF file using PDF2Word 2.1 and later

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Step 1

Load your PDF file.


Step 2

Select your OCR Method.

  • All Inline: The app will attempt to convert all data (pictures and text) into text in the same position as the original PDF file. If a picture has no text on it, it will show up as a blank section.

  • Text Images: The app will try to guess which images contain text to perform OCR on. Images deemed to have no text will simply be copied to Word like any other picture/graphic.

  • Whole Document: This option is similar to the "All Inline" option, but offers another method if the "All Inline" conversion does not work well.


Step 3

Click the Word icon to begin the conversion.


Step 4

Select the document language.


Step 5

Select a folder to save your converted document to.


Step 6

Wait for the program to confirm completion of the conversion.


Step 7

View and edit your converted Word document.

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