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PDF2Word 2.1
Activating PDF2Word 2.1
Activating PDF2Word 2.1

Instructions for activating PDF2Word version 2.1 and later

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Go to:

Activating Online

  1. Locate the PDF2WordUI icon in your Start folder and run it.

  2. If you are already logged into another PDF2XL program on your machine, you will automatically be logged in. Otherwise, you will need to enter your login information to activate.

    You should have received a Password in your purchase/invitation email. If you have lost your password, please use the "Forgot" link to reset it before attempting to contact our Support Team.

  3. Your PDF2Word application is ready to use.

Activating Offline

If your online activation fails and you have already confirmed that you are using the correct credentials, it is likely that your machine is having difficulty communicating with our activation server. In this case, we can do an offline activation.

  1. Enter your login credentials, then click the Generate offline license link

  2. Select a folder on your computer to save your .request file to. You can give this file any filename you wish as long as you do not change the .request file extension.

  3. Once you've saved the .request file, you will see a confirmation.

  4. Create an email to [email protected] and attach your .request file.

  5. Wait for the Support Team to email you back with an activation file.

    The wait time for this varies, depending on the time. You are likely to get a quick response between the hours of 9AM to 5PM EST.

  6. The Support Team will email you back with an ACTIVATE.import file.

  7. Download this file to your computer.

  8. Open your PDF2Word program. You do not need to enter any credentials.

  9. Click the Import Offline link.

  10. Locate and select the ACTIVATE.import file you received from the Support Team.

  11. Once you've completed the activation, you will receive a confirmation message.

You are now able to use PDF2Word.

Logging out of PDF2Word

If you need to log out of PDF2Word, you can do so by clicking the Question Mark icon, to access the Logout prompt.

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