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PDF2Word 2.1
Installing PDF2Word 2.1
Installing PDF2Word 2.1

Ste-by-step instructions for installing PDF2Word version 2.1 and later

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Step 1

Download and save the PDF2Word install file from the link in your purchase email. If you no longer have your purchase email, you can download the file here.

Be sure to remember where you saved the file to on your machine.


Step 2

Run the PDF2Word.msi install file.

You can either do this from your browser's download bar (single left-click):

Or from the folder on your computer where you saved your file (double left-click):


Step 3

Install PDF2Word using the setup wizard. Begin by clicking "Next"

Click "Next" to install in the default folder, or use the "Browse" button to select a different installation folder.

(*Note that selecting a different folder will result in some confusion if you contact the Support Team for help in some cases, as they will refer only to the default folder.)

Click "Install" to start the installation process.

Allow the application to finish the installation.


Step 4

If you wish to open PDF2Word immediately, click the "Finish" button. Otherwise, remove the check from "Launch PDF2Word" and then click the "Finish" button to close down the application.

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