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Invitation to PDF2XL Dashboard

What to do with your Dashboard invitation

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The PDF2XL Dashboard allows multiple administrators to help manage your users and licenses.

In order to receive access to the dashboard as an administrator, the original administrator will need to invite you.

Once the original administrator has sent the invitation, watch for an email that looks like the image below.

You will have only 24 hours to click the link in this email before it expires

After you have clicked the link, you will be shown one of two possible screens.


If this prompt is loaded, it means you already have an account in our system and you can log in directly using your email address and password.

If the login fails, you can try using the Reset Password option to change your password and log in again.

If changing your password has not corrected the problem, it may be because your account was never properly verified. Please do not keep attempting to change the password. Contact [email protected] for assistance.


If you receive this prompt, you will need to enter your information and create a password for yourself.

After clicking the REGISTER button, you will see another screen.

You must click on the link in the new email you received in order to confirm your account or you will not be able to log in.

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