Assigning Perpetual Licenses

Learn how to assign and reassign licenses on a perpetual license account.

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  1. If you wish to assign a license to a new user, log into your dashboard and access the Perpetual Purchases section.

  2. From there, click "Activations" next to the license you wish to assign.

  3. You will have two options. You can either...

    • "edit": Add a name and email address to assign the license to a new user. Only that user will have access to the license.

    • "Unassign": Change the license to an unassigned state. Nobody has access to the license until it is assigned using the "edit" option.

If you wish to assign the license by clicking the "edit" link, you will receive a prompt asking you to enter that user's name and email address.

Be sure to enter it correctly, and preferably using all lower-case characters.

Once you click the "Assign" button, notify your user that an email has been sent to them, inviting them to use the software. They may need to check their junk mail folder.

You will see that the license is now assigned to the new user in your dashboard.

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