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How to change your PDF2XL password to access the User Dashboard

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When you purchase PDF2XL you are given a password to log into your PDF2XL application. This same password can be used to access your user dashboard on our website (if you are simply assigned as a user, you cannot access the website dashboard).

Because this is a randomly-generated password, you may want to change it to something you can more easily remember.

If you don't know the password you were provided with, you can simply reset the password from the Login prompt.

To change your password from within the user dashboard

  1. Log into your user dashboard using the password you were provided.

  2. Go to 'Edit Profile'.

  3. Click the "edit" link in the password field.

  4. Enter the new password in each field using the following rules

    • minimum 8 characters

    • maximum 12 characters

    • at least one of these symbols:  ! @ # $ % ^ * 

    • at least one number

    • at least one uppercase letter

    If the passwords do not match, you will receive a notification stating this and the 'Update Password' button will be disabled.

    Passwords don't match:

    Passwords match:

  5. Once you've clicked the 'Update Password' button, you'll receive a confirmation at the top of the screen.

We suggest testing your new password by logging out and then back in.

Remember that you will need to use this new password to log into your PDF2XL application, as well.

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