Upgrading your Subscription Plan
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At any time, you can upgrade from your current plan to a higher plan.

Note that it's not possible to downgrade a plan. If you need to downgrade, you will need to cancel your subscription, then subscribe to the lesser plan when your term expires.

Before you make a change to your subscription plan, please ensure that you have a credit card connected to your account.

If you don't wish to enroll in auto-renewal, you can remove your credit card immediately after your upgrade, or you can contact [email protected] for a manual upgrade.

  1. To upgrade, select the "Change/Cancel" icon for the subscription you wish to change (you cannot make changes to a cancelled subscription).

  2. You can then select "Change subscription".

  3. Then, choose the preferred plan from the dropdown:

The cost for your upgrade will be prorated depending on how many days are remaining in your cycle. Your credit card will be charged immediately.

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