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Using the Batch Conversion Feature for Business/Enterprise
Using the Batch Conversion Feature for Business/Enterprise

Learn to use the Batch Conversion tool for PDF2XL Business and Enterprise

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PDF2XL Business and Enterprise both offer a very helpful automation tool: The Batch Conversion Processor.


  • This tool uses a standard template to convert multiple "like" documents at once.

  • It is necessary to create the template before you can use this feature.

  • There is a limit of 10,000 files that can be converted in batch.

  • The ability to complete large batch conversions is dependent upon the machine's available memory.

  1. On the Convert tab, you can see a button called “Convert Batch”.

  2. Clicking on this button will open a prompt like this one:

  3. Click “Add Files” and select the PDF documents you want to convert. You can select several by holding your CTRL key.

  4. Click “Open” to add them to the prompt.

  5. Next, you need to assign the layout to the files, so click the “Layout” button and choose the layout file you created for these particular documents.

  6. And, once again, click “Open”. You should now see your layout applied to each document.

  7. If you wish to download your converted files to a different folder than the source folder, you can click “Output Folder” to choose a new path.

    (optional) To convert all documents into a single file, click the "Output File" button and enter a name for your file in the prompt.

    If you wish to have your files convert to separate Excel files, leave this button alone. It converts to individual files by default.

  8. When you’re ready,  Click the “Convert” button.

  9. You will be prompted to verify the action.

  10. PDF2XL will start the conversion process …

  11. And let you know when it’s complete!

Your converted file(s) will be in the folder you selected as your output and will not open automatically.

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