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Adding Metadata With Predefined Fields
Adding Metadata With Predefined Fields

How to include file metadata in your converted file

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  • What metadata is

  • how to include metadata in your output using Predefined Fields

  • how to organize metadata in your table

Many documents come embedded with information (metadata) that you don’t see printed on the page, itself. Important metadata information like the filename, page numbers, copyright information, and more can be useful in your converted file.

PDF2XL has a Predefined Fields option that allows you select any available metadata and apply it to your output.

To select what data appears in your document, you simply go to the Convert tab, and click “Predefined Fields”

The data that is available in the document will be marked with an asterisk (*)

Once you click “OK”, your metadata will appear at the top of your page, just like any other field

But, what if you want that data to be in the table?

You can treat these just like fields and use the associated fields option to place your data in a column.

There we go!

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