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Changing Column Order in Output
Changing Column Order in Output
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Scroll through each section to learn ...

  • how to move a column

  • how to remove (hide) a column

  • why you should create a layout with properly organized columns, instead of just moving them in Excel

While moving columns in Excel is a fairly simple case of cut and insert, you can actually modify your column order in PDF2XL so you don’t need to adjust your output at all.

Let’s see how …

This is my document. This table contains two sections of data in the columns, and I want my “Cost” columns to be beside the “Part#” columns.

To do this, I create my table, then I head over to the Convert tab. From there, I select the “Output Order” button.

See what that did to my Preview?

What I’m focusing on right now is the double-headed arrows, because I simply want to move my columns.

If I remove the check marks in the boxes, this will actually hide my columns so they don’t show on my output at all.

To move the columns, I simply left-click on a double-headed arrow, then drag and drop it into place.

After deactivating the Output Order button, I can see that my preview is set up in the order I intended, with my Cost columns next to the Part# columns.

Now, you may be wondering why it matters that we do this in PDF2XL instead of just doing it in Excel. The main reason is that this layout can be saved and reused, so you don’t have to repeat these steps with other documents of this structure.

Just save your layout (Layout tab > Save) and when you apply it to another document, those columns will already be in the order you want them.

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