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Converting Cells with Overflowing Text
Converting Cells with Overflowing Text
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Scroll through each section to learn ...

  • what happens when data overflows into adjacent cells

  • how to easily merge the overflowing data into a single cell

When an author of a PDF file creates a document, they don’t often think about what the result would be to extract that PDF back into an Excel table. In many cases, that PDF contains text that breaks cell walls and overflows into the next cell, which can end up getting broken when you try to extract it.

Fortunately, PDF2XL has a quick and simple solution for this and you can find it within the settings, aka “Options”.

By default, PDF2XL is set to “Merge cells with overflowing text”.

This will force the data into one cell. Note that in order for this to work, you need to ensure that your column divider is not between words, or it will treat it as individual cells (in other words, place your column divider directly on top of a letter)

Alternately, if you want the cells divided, you can deselect the cell merging option.

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