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Dealing with Multiple Page Layouts
Dealing with Multiple Page Layouts

How to apply layouts to documents with different pages

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Scroll through each section to learn ...

  • how to apply layouts to individual pages

  • how to link layouts

  • how to use repeating layouts

In a perfect world, every PDF would have the same standard structure for each page, making it easy to convert the whole thing with a single layout. In reality, however, you’ll likely encounter more documents containing multiple layouts.

PDF2XL offers a few different ways to handle such cases ...

Method 1: Pages Different

As the title implies, you need to select the “Pages Different” option from the Layout tab.

When you use the “All Pages Same” option, making an adjustment to a layout on one page will automatically adjust the layout in the same way to the rest of the pages. The “Pages Different” option allows you to create the layouts individually.

Tip: If your document pages are almost the same, you can save some time by creating a layout for one of the pages using the “All Pages Same” option, then switching to “Pages Different” to make the necessary adjustments.

Method 2: Linking Layouts

You may have a file that has two or three distinct layouts. For example, a 10-page document may have identical pages from 1 to 5, and then a different identical structure for pages 6 to 10.

By using “Linking Layouts” you need only create two layouts. 

To use this option, you will need to select the “Pages Different” method, as above, but this time, create a layout for each different structure. So, if the document contains two structures, you will create two layouts.

Once you’ve created those layouts, you can right-click on the page needing a layout and select “Link Layout > A (example)”

Alternatively, you can use the “Link Layout to Pages” option in the Layout tab to apply a layout to specific pages, or ranges of pages in one click.

Method 3: Repeating Layouts

If your document has a repeating layout (for example, every 2 or 3 pages are the same), then you can use the “Repeating” option.


t’s as simple as creating a layout for a the first pages and applying the repeating format as needed.

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