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Applying Layouts and Templates
Applying Layouts and Templates

Understanding layouts and templates, how to apply them, and how to re-use them

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Scroll through each section to learn ...

  • the difference between a Layout and Template

  • how to apply Layouts to different pages

  • how to save Layouts/Templates

  • how to re-use a Layout/Template

Layout or Template?

One question we get asked frequently is “What’s the difference between a layout and a template?
Many users apply those two terms interchangeably but, the fact is, there is a difference!

In short, a layout is for a single page and has a table, or a variety of tables and fields, depending on your needs.

A template is a collection of any number of layouts.

If you have a single-page document, you will only need one layout, however, if you have a multiple page document with different pages requiring individual layouts, you need to create a template.

Template Structures: Applying Layouts to Different Pages

As stated above, the process of applying a different layout to each page creates a template. This can become time-consuming and tedious work if you aren’t using the right tools for the job.
If you have a document that has a repeating structure (for example, every second page uses the same layout), you only need to create a layout for the first two pages. 

Once you’ve created those two layouts, you can use the “Repeating” option on the Layout tab to apply your two layouts to the remaining pages in order.

So, what if you don’t have a standard repeating layout? Perhaps page 4 and 7 use one layout, but the remaining pages of your 10-page document use another.
In this case, we have a feature called “Linked Layouts”. This allows you to select specific pages to apply the layouts to.

To use this feature:

  1. Select the page with the layout you wish to link the remaining pages to.

  2. Click "Link Layout to Pages..." on the Layout tab.

  3. Enter the pages that you want to apply that layout to. 

In the example image, the layout will be applied to pages 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. Pages 4 and 7 will have a different layout.

Saving Layouts/Templates

The layout or template you create can be saved to your layout repository and used again on other documents of the same structure.

To save a layout/template:
Create your layout/template.

Go to the Layout tab and click “Save” - you will have the option to save all the pages (recommended) or just the page that you have active.

Name your layout/template and click “Save”.

Re-using a Layout/Template

When you want to apply your saved layout/template to a document you’ve loaded, go to the Layout tab, click the “Load” button and select the appropriate layout from your collection.

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