Cancelling your Subscription
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You can cancel your subscription at any time. Note that cancelled subscriptions cannot be reactivated - you will need to purchase a new subscription.

* Subscription plans are non-refundable, so be sure to cancel before your term renewal date to avoid additional charges. *

To cancel your subscription, you will need to log into your user dashboard at

(There is also a login link in the top right corner of our website)

Click the "Change/Cancel" icon for the subscription you want to cancel.

Then, click the "Cancel subscription" button on the bottom right.

You will be prompted to confirm your cancellation.

Upon confirming the cancellation, you should see a verification alert.

Your subscription services will still be active and available until the end of your term.

When you view your subscriptions again, you will notice that the information now has orange text, but the status is still Active. This indicates that the subscription is set to cancel on the expiration date, and you will not incur any additional charges for this plan.

When the term is done, your status will change to "Canceled" and your software will stop working.

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