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If you have PDF2XL licenses that you purchased before the launch of the subscription service, you can still access your licenses in the new user dashboard.

*If your login fails, you may not yet have an account on the new website. You can simply create a new one with the email address registered to your licenses.

After logging in, go to the Legacy Licenses section.
Here, you will see a full list of your licenses (version 6.5 and lower).

Click on "Status" to see how many licenses are currently in use.

If you need to reset a license to reinstall it, click the "Reset" link. This will reset a single license.
You may need to refresh the page to see the number in the Status drop.
Note that "upgrading" the license is not actually an upgrade of the current software. Your legacy licenses will remain as they are.
The "upgrade" simply allows you to purchase a new subscription license. Your legacy licenses will always be available, but they can no longer be supported.

If you need a download link for your Legacy License, please go here.

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