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You can add licenses at any time however, they will show up as a new subscription on your account.
โ€‹*Note that doing so will result in an immediate charge to your credit card.

*If you wish to co-term new licenses to an existing subscription, please contact [email protected] and request a quote or invoice.

1) Go to the Get More Licenses section of your dashboard.

2) Select your plan and confirm.

3) Enter the number of new licenses you want to add.
If you don't have a credit card on file, you will need to add one to continue using the "Payment Options" fields.
Otherwise, you can click the blue "USE EXISTING CARD" button to confirm your payment/order.

4) After you complete your purchase, you will want to log back into your dashboard and assign your new license(s) to their respective user(s).

**Only add licenses if you are certain you need them. We cannot provide refunds for additional licenses.
***New licenses appear as an additional subscription on your account with a new term due date for that subscription.

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