Assigning Subscription Licenses

Learn how to assign and reassign licenses.

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  1. To assign, reassign, or unassign licenses, go to your (1) Subscriptions page and click the (2) "Activations" link under the Activation column (before you change anything, please read the "Actions" section below).

  2. After clicking the "Edit Activations" action link, you will be directed to the License Summary page.

  3. Here, you can see your package and expiration details.

    1. You can also use the "Get More Licenses" button to add more licenses or change your subscription. You can learn more about that here.

The most important part of this section is the list of licenses.ย 

  • If you have a single license, it will automatically be assigned to the account holder. You can Unassign this to enter it into an "Unassigned" state, or you can Edit it to assign it to someone else.

  • If there are multiple licenses, the rest of them will be unassigned until the account holder assigns them to a particular user.


Use this link to assign or reassign the license to a user.
After you fill in their name and email address, the user will receive an email inviting them to download and use PDF2XL.
โ€‹**Please have your user check their junk mail folders for this email before contacting support for the information.

This link will remove the assigned user and revert the license back to a "Not Assigned" state. The user who originally used the license will be logged out and will not be able to access the full version of the software any longer.

Deleting a License

If you need to delete a license that you no longer want on your subscription, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

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