Installing PDF2XL from the Command Line
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Occasionally, you may want to install your PDF2XL software from the command line. 

It's as simple as running the following from the command line:
msiexec /i "<installer path>.msi" 

NOTE: <installer path> is the full path to where you downloaded your install file.


If User "john" downloaded the install file to the Downloads folder, the command would look like this:

msiexec /i "C:\Users\john\Downloads"\pdf2xl.msi

If the path has spaces, the path must be surrounded by quotes:


msiexec /i "C:\Users\john\Downloads\File Conversions"\pdf2xl.msi

If you include the /qn command, it should install without user interaction:

msiexec /i "C:\Users\john\Downloads"\pdf2xl.msi /qn

After installing pdf2xl you can run the following script to activate the software (requires internet access):
pdf2xl.exe -email=<[email protected]> -pass=<userpassword> -noui

The <[email protected]> and <userpassword> must be replaced by the user/password, respectively.

In order to comply with our Terms of Service, the <[email protected]> must match the user that is logging on the system.

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