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Using Split PDF
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Split PDF is a small utility that makes it easy to take a multiple page PDF file and separate it into single or ranges of pages.

  1. Click "Open File" and locate the PDF you wish to split on your computer.

  2. Click "New Split Section" and identify what page or pages you wish to separate from the document. 

  3. Click "Save Split" and select a folder to save your separated files to.

Split Variations

If you have a 10-page document ...

  • and you wish to keep only page 4, enter "4" into the field:

  • and you wish to keep pages 2 to 8, enter "2-8" into the field:

  • and you wish to keep pages 1 to 5 and page 8, enter "1-5,8" into the field:

If your document is 163 pages and you've already created a split for pages 1 to 10, you can use the "Add all remaining pages" option to create another split range for the remaining pages in your document.

If you want the document split every # of pages (for example - every  3 pages), go to the "Repeating Section" tab and enter the number of pages you want to repeat.

If you are trying to reduce the size of the document by splitting the pages, you can identify the maximum file size and the program will split your document into documents that won't exceed that size.

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