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Using Merge PDF
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Merge PDF is a small utility that makes it easy to take several PDF files and merge them into one.

Single File Method

  1. Click "Add File" and locate one file that you want to be merged - you will only be able to select a single file.

  2. Click "Add File" again and select the next file you want to be merged.

  3. Continue until you've selected all the files to be merged.

  4. Click "Save Merged".

  5. Choose a save folder and name your merged file.

  6. Click "Save" and you're done! 

Folder Method

  1. Click "Add Folder" and select the folder containing the PDF files you want to be merged.

  2. If there are some files you wish not to merge, you can click on the "x" to delete them from the list, or just remove the checkmark if you want to keep the file in the list, but not merge it.

  3. Click "Save Merged".

  4. Choose a save folder and name your merged file.

  5. Click "Save" and you're done!

Other Features

If you would like to see the pages within one of the files, you can click the arrow at the bottom-right corner for a preview:

Use the magnifier to make the thumbnail images larger or smaller:

Rearrange the order in which the PDF files will be merged by dragging and dropping them into place:

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