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OCR Page and Font Size Limits
OCR Page and Font Size Limits
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v7.2 and higher

(For advanced OCR)

  • 7.800 pixels in any direction, or 109 inches, or 275cm

v6.5 and below

What are the font size limits?
The size limitation is based on the resolution:

  • character max height = 256 pixels 

  • line max height = 324 pixels at 300 dpi 

However, there is an upper limit for all resolutions: 

  • character max height = 400 

  • line max height = 512 

So at 600 dpi, character max height should be 512 but is actually limited to 400 and line max height should be 648 but is actually limited to 512.

What are the page size limits?
The iDRS OCR engine is able to recognize images containing up to 75,000,000 pixels.
The maximum image size that can be used for recognition varies with the image dpi. The following table displays the image sizes at maximum resolutions:

Another limitation when working with image files is that an image width or height must not exceed 32768 pixels. This  limitation is also valid when working with image pre-processing: image resize, rotate, etc.

*Information provided by I.R.I.S.

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