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Activating PDF2Word using the Website Method
Activating PDF2Word using the Website Method
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If you are unable to activate PDF2Word using the Online Method, you can try generating an Activation Key using the Website Method.


  1. Click on the "License" button in the toolbar.

  2. Enter the Payment Code and Email Address that were provided to you in your purchase email.

  3. Select "Other method of activation".

  4. From the drop-down menu, select "CogniView Website".

  5. Click "Next". Your default browser will open a new window.

  6. Look for the line that begins with "Your ACTIVATION KEY is ..."; Copy the 24-digit key that is provided.

  7. Return to the PDF2Word activation prompt and click "Next".

  8. Paste the 24-digit activation key in the empty fields.

  9. Click "Next".

  10. Click "Finish"

You are now activated and ready to start using PDF2Word.

*Note: In order for a successful website activation, PDF2XL.EXE needs to access, Port 80.

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