Installing PDF2XL on a Server Environment
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If you're running computers off a server-based environment (for example - Citrix), you can still use PDF2XL by installing the software on your server. Some features of PF2XL Enterprise may be disabled in this type of setup, such as the CogniView printer and direct scan.

** You will require a license for each computer that the software will be accessed from. Please contact our sales department at [email protected] if you need to purchase several licenses - we offer volume license discounts.

Activating on a Server Environment

Even though you've installed on your server, each instance of PDF2XL will still need to be activated. If you wish to bypass the activation prompt, you can do so using a Silent Activation.

If you are running on a perpetual server environment, where your machines are constantly resetting, your activation prompt is going to pop up frequently. The Silent Activation option can help with this, but if your environment does not have online access, it won't work.

We do provide a Non-Persistent Server Environment license. It contains a minimum of 20 Enterprise licenses with maintenance and pricing starts at $10,000 USD (contact [email protected] for more information). Non-Persistent Server Editions still require an initial activation.

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