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*The following information is valid only for version 6.5 and earlier.

If you wish to bypass the activation prompt, we can provide you with a Silent Activation file. This file automatically initializes the activation process when you first run the software.

This process is generally used in server environments when you have many comptuers running the software, but it will work even with a single license. A Silent Activation is generated based on the license Payment Code and same version of the software, so all your licenses will need to be under the same account and of the same edition (for example, we cannot create a silent activation for an account that has 4 Enterprise 6.0 and 2 OCR 6.0 - they all need to be Enterprise 6.0 or OCR 6.0)

It is not possible to do a silent activation using an offline method. Access to Port 80 (regular internet port) at the time of the activation is required but, after that, there is no need to stay connected to the internet - the software will continue working once it's been activated. This is necessary beacuse if this type of activation were put into place, you would basically be releasing your licenses to public use and we would no longer be able to support them, as we would not be able to track them in our system.
Your system needs to be able to access the URL (note that pdf2xl.exe must access this URL - you will get an error if you attempt to access it in a browser).

There are a couple of steps to the silent activation but, once completed, you should not have to activate your software again. This needs to be done for each computer.

You will need to request a Silent Activation File from [email protected]. In order to provide this to you, we will need the Payment Code or the email address registered to the license.

We will send you a .DAT file - look for it as an attachment in your email. 

Save this .DAT file in the same folder where PDF2XL installer is found (C:\Program Files (x86)\CogniView\PDF2XL[EDITION]).

Run the program and see if the activation prompt pops up (if not - you're good to go!). 

Once the installation is complete, the activation will be performed automatically, and the user will not have to type in the payment code and the purchase email.

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