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Applying a Macro
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A macro is a handy script that you can add to your PDF2XL program to modify your document during conversion so that the output is exactly how you want it.

*While we do not support the writing of macros, if you are not able to write your own, we do offer a paid service for this. Please contact [email protected] for a quote (you will need to provide at least 3 PDF files for reference).

**We cannot guarantee that a macro can be created for your specific needs.

Costing for macros begins at $2,000 USD

NOTE: Macros can be run in Excel after the conversion if the following method fails to work. Please see Microsoft Support for instructions.

To use a macro in PDF2XL:

Create your .vbs file (or contact us to create one for you - fees apply) and save it to your computer.

Open your PDF file in PDF2XL.

Apply your layout.

On the Convert tab, select the Macro button.

On the prompt, click "Load" and select the saved .vbs file on your computer.

In the "Function to call at start" field at the top of the prompt, enter the "Sub" name without any spaces or the end brackets. For example, "Sub transform()" should be simply "transform".

Click "OK".

Click the Convert button to run your conversion with the macro.

*Note that if you are using .bas macros, they cannot be loaded into the dialog, since we call the macros from outside of Excel. (See here)
You can, however, just copy and paste the code into the macro field.

There is a 30,000 character limit in the macro field.

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