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The second tab in the menu bar opens the " View" menu.

Keep reading to learn more about the View menu functions.

Display Panes

These buttons affect the "Preview" and "Pages" windows you see in the user interface. They are used to toggle them open and closed.

Display Controls

The Display Controls change the size and orientation of the PDF in the Source pane. 

Zoom In: Make the PDF larger in small increments

Zoom Out: Make the PDF smaller in small increments

Actual Size: VIew the PDF in its original scale

Fit: Make the PDF fill the source pane by width

Rotate Left: Turn the PDF counter clockwise by 90 degrees

Rotate Right: Turn the PDF clockwise by 90 degrees

These buttons will help you navigate through your document page by page or by tables. 

Previous Page: Go to the page before the current one

Next Page: Go to the page after the current one

Previous Table: Go to the table before the currenty selected one

Next Table: Go to the table after the currently selected one

Document Start: Go to the first page of the document

Document End: Go to the last page of the document


You can use this option to locate text anywhere in the document. It works in much the same way as the Find fuctions in Word or Excel.


If you want to customize the colors of your Tables and Fields, you can select one of the pre-loaded options from the drop-down or click on "More" to create your own. The "Color contents" option fills in your elements with a light shade, as it's often easier to see them when they are colored in.


This section lets you decide whether or not to display specific information or elements.

Info Tips: If this option is selected, you will see a box with element information pop up when you hover over it.

Element Identification: The names of the elements show by default when you hover over them, but if you'd like them to display permanently, select this option.

Table Rows: If you want to see the dividers between the rows, select this option.


If you have more than one instance of PDF2XL running, you can use this dropdown to go back and forth between them.

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