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All About the User Interface Panes
All About the User Interface Panes
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Your PDF2XL User Interface has three panes:

  1. The Source Pane: Displays your PDF file

  2. The Pages Pane: Displays thumbnails of the pages in your document

  3. The Preview Pane: Displays how the converted file will look

The Source Pane

When you load your PDF into PDF2XL, you will see a copy of it in this pane.

The Source Pane toolbar provides some options for viewing the PDF:

Navigation Tools:

Use these tools to navigate through your pages. You can use the blue arrows to skip through pages one by one, go straight to the last page (and vice versa), or insert the page number into the Page field to go directly to that page.

Table Tools:

If you have a table selected, these options will be available. They allow you to skip through to the next (or last) table.

Marking Tools:

Just like "Marking "Mode" on the Home menu, these tools let you decide whether to mark a table, field, text, or let the application figure it out.


When you have an element selected, you can use this tool to quickly delete that element.

Zoom Tools:

These tools allow you to adjust the zoom of your PDF. The + makes it larger and the - makes it smaller.

Fit Tools:

Use these options to fit the PDF to the whole pane, fit just the width, or view it to scale.


This tool shows or hides the Preview Pane

The Pages Pane

The Pages Pane toolbar has a filtering option available:

When you select the "Filter" option, you can show only specific pages based on whether they have no layout applied, or by a particular layout.

Selecting "Highlight" will simply highlight the pages based on your criteria.

This filter only works in the Pages Pane - it does not affect which pages will be converted.

The Preview Pane

The Preview Pane tools adjust how the selected data appears in the window:

Multiple Sheets:

Checking this option will cause your document to be converted in separate Excel sheets for every page of your document. If you want all your pages on a single sheet, leave his unchecked.

Preview Sizes, Colors:

View the text in the Preview as it is in the PDF. This option only works if you have "Keep text attributes" selected in Options.

Output Order:

These options are the same as the Output Editing tools on the Convert menu, and allow you to configure the order in which columns are converted.

Dock and Toggle:

The Dock/Undock option will separate the Preview Pane from the rest of the User Interface so you can move it around. Re-dock it or leave it floating, if you wish.

If you slide the pane to one of the arrows on the interface, you can lock the window into the highlighted section.

And this is how it looks:

The Toggle button will simply hide or show the Preview Pane, but will not move it.

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