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Changing the User Interface Language
Changing the User Interface Language
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The software should install in whichever language your computer's regional settings are defaulted to, however, if this is not the case, you can change your UI language by going to the Options menu, then General > Application Defaults and selecting the language of your choice.

The available UI languages are English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Dutch

  1. From the "User Interface language" dropdown menu, select your chosen language.

  2. Click "OK".

  3. Select "Retrieve from CogniView's site", then click "Install". **The download should complete on its own (see note).

  4. The Program will ask you to restart it. Once you have done so, your PDF2XL will be in the language of your choice.

After a language has been installed, you will be able to simply switch back and forth between the languages without any more installations.

**NOTE: If the language does not auomatically install, click the link: "Click here to download resources using a browser instead". Save the .zip file to your computer - you do not need to extract it. chose "Select the file" and browse to the .zip file you just saved. Click "Install".

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