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The PDF2XL "Layout" Menu
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The Layout tab opens menu items that will help you create and modify your layout to get the result you need.

To learn more about using Layouts, head over here.

Layout Files

When you " Save" a layout, it stays in the layout repository so you can re-use it later on. Selecting "Load" will open that repository so you can select the layout you wish to apply.

You can also " Export" your layout to your computer so you can send it to another user, or select the "Import" button to retrieve a layout that is on your computer.


You can use the " Structure" tools to determine what the layout of your document should look like. If all the pages in your document have the same repeating structure, use "All Pages Same". If each page is different, then you will want to use the "Pages Different" option.

Learn more about applying layouts to different pages here.


You can force PDF2XL to try and determine the layout for you by using these tools. Detect the layout for all the pages or only the current page. You can also use the Auto Suggest tool to allow the application to suggest you mark a table when you hover over them.

It is, however, more accurate to mark the table yourself.


Clear Template will clear the elements for all the pages in your document.

Clear Layout will only clear the elements for the current page.

Page Layout

If you have a few pages with the same layout and only want to convert those, you can create the layout for one page, then use the "Copy Page Layout" to copy it and "Paste Page Layout" to paste the layout onto the next page.

There is also the option to link page layouts. You can learn more about that in the "Linking Page Layouts" section on this page.

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