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One of the features available in PDF2XL Business and Enterprise is the " Replace List". This option can be found on the OCR tab in either edition.

The purpose of the OCR Replace List is to allow you to bulk edit many instances of the same word or number. For example, if your document consistently shows the number "2011" as "2O11", you can use the replace list to change all instances of 2O11 to 2011 at once.

  1. After you've created your layout, go to the OCR tab and click on "Replace List".

  2. Click the "Add" button.

  3. Type in the word you want to replace in the "Replace" field and the word you want to change it to in the "With" field.

  4. Click the "Replace" button.

If you want to keep this replace list for future use, you can click the "Save list" button so you can "Load list" later on.

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