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The first tab in the PDF2XL menu is the " Home" menu.

Here is a guide to what all those buttons do.


The "Open" button can be used to load your PDF into the application.

You can learn more about opening files here.

Load Layout

If you already have a layout saved in your Layout Repository, you can use this button to apply it to your document.

You can learn more about using pre-saved layouts here.

Accumulate Printing

If you are using the Enterprise edition of the PDF2XL application, you can use the "Accumulate Printing" option to convert a number of documents at once.

Learn more about accumulate printing mode here.


You can use these options if you want to copy elements and paste them elsewhere.

For example, if you have a similar table on two different pages, you can simply select the table from the first page, Copy, then Paste it into place on the second page. This is the same functionality as right-clicking on the element and selecting " Copy Table/Field" and "Paste Here"

Marking Mode

By default, the Marking Mode is set to "By Content", which allows the application to try and determine whether the data you are mapping is a Table or a Field. However, you can force it to create only Tables or Fields by selecting that option. The "Text" option allows you to select text only so you can copy and paste it elsewhere.

Learn more about marking tables or fields here.


You can use the " Structure" tools to determine what the layout of your document should look like. If all the pages in your document have the same repeating structure, use "All Pages Same". If each page is different, then you will want to use the "Pages Different" option.

Learn more about applying layouts to different pages here.


If you want to remove the layout from your document and start fresh, you can just "Clear" it.

The " Clear Template" option clears the mapping from the entire document, while the "Clear Layout" option clears the mapping from only the page that is currently active.

Conversion Format

The "Conversion Format" is a drop-down menu that allows you to select how you want your file outputted.

 The options are:

  • Excel / Excel File / Clipboard in Excel Format

  • Word / Word File / Clipboard in Word Format

  • PowerPoint / PowerPoint File / Clipboaard in PowerPoint Format

  • Clipboard

  • OpenOffice

  • CSV

  • HTML

Job Summary

The "Job Summary" gives you the ability to choose what pages you want to convert.

You can convert just a range of pages ( ex, 1-3), specific pages (ex, 1, 4, 6), or a blend of range and specific pages (ex, 1,4,6, 9-12).


If you have the Enterprise edition of PDF2XL, you will see two buttons here - "Convert Document" and "Convert Batch". Other editions have only the "Convert Document" option.

When you have your document mapped out, you can click the " Convert Document" button to begin the conversion process.

The " Convert Batch" option allows you to convert several similarly formatted documents at once. To learn more about the batch conversion option, click here.

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